Let’s talk Somm 3!

Somm 3 was finally released on iTunes yesterday, November 30, and it was well worth the wait!

More to come…


This is why we do tastings

Why attend a wine tasting? Well, to begin with, it’s just fun. Second, there’s the intoxication element. And on a more practical level, it is a opportunity to learn what we like as well as what we do not like.


To to be edited & continued…

An ode…to you

CouchWine is an ode to anyone who has ever enjoyed a glass of wine from the comfort of their own couch. From that first glass after a long day at work to that nightcap right before a deep slumber, we salute you.

So, pour yourself a glass, curl up on the couch, and follow your new favorite micro-blog for the latest in wine culture, entertainment, and fun. Because let’s be honest: CouchWine is for everyone.